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May 10 - 17th, 2025

Transmute Negative Energies with luxdivinity


2010 Surgery Cancelled In NewspapeR

dr chamuel surgery cancelled newspaper

2023 Healing power of God

dr chamuel healing testimonial
dr chamuel healing testimonial

Hospital Record of Cancelled Surgery 2008

dr chamuel healing surgery cancelled

Imagine Your Dreams Manifest now

I am not here to motivate you to think positive while wishing upon a star that everything will be ok. 


What if you are creating more of the same reality by playing out a program you are unaware of?


How do you free yourself from the programs of the mind?

I was once in a similar position, spiritually gifted yet financially broke, which caused stress and health issues. I realized It was time for a change.


I decided to absorb the wisdom from mentors, that are financially grounded, healthy, loving, and spiritually aware. Learning from mentors saves years of time and experience without the unnecessary suffering.

Now I can share this wisdom with you to make a quantum leap in manifesting; because your time, health, and relationships are priceless. Are you ready to be free of the cult(ure) programs?


I am here to unveil the secrets to manifest with strategic action by embodying the truth of whom you are. Receive the wisdom within and all around you to instantly optimize your potential with health, abundance, love life, and inner peace.


You are a fractal of the DIVINITY, therefore you are a child of the CREATOR, and are DIVINE, creating with the whole and realizing along the quest that YOU ARE the PURPOSE.

Pearl of Wisdom: You do not get what you deserve, you get whom you are and the energy you vibrate unconsciously. Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. It is your choice to Let go of the identity to be free of the idea entity that enslaves one.


Now is the time to take responsibility with clarity to be a Creator of the life you love.


Knowing this, what will you do next to make your wishes and dreams a grounded reality?


"My doctor couldn't believe it! I saw my rheumatologist today for my check up. She said I have zero clinical signs of lupus. She said I look great and it is the best she has ever seen me. I just wanted to thank you and share the news and let you know how much I appreciate you in what you do to help me heal and get better. Thank you."

Dr Caroline B


About Us

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The Mastermind...
To Awaken your divinity...

Love, Prosperity, & Vitality...
Because this is your opportunity...
To Manifest miracles and Now be free...

Luxdivinity represents the Divine Primordial Light consciousness that permeates all. Optimize your energy, love, and prosperity thru practical applied wisdom with the Luxdivinity S-Rank Academy and its Luminaries.


We collaborate with Priestesses and Oracles to provide consultations and personalized retreats around the world to illuminate your life.

Check out:

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Miracles Experienced by Others



Become Limitless?

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Unleash your potential with our transformative mentoring.


Secure your spot now for a vibrant, balanced life of vitality, loving relationships, inner peace, and prosperity.


Dive into energy medicine and manifestation consulting to save your time and energy to unlock the best you.


Don't just be a dreamer, be an action creator that lives your dreams into reality. Book your transformation today.

EXperience your dreams manifested quickly and easy

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