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Imagine Creating
your New Reality

Awaken your divinity...
with love Truth simplicity...
Because this is your opportunity...
To Manifest miracles and Now be free...


2010 Surgery Cancelled In NewspapeR

dr chamuel surgery cancelled newspaper

2023 Healing power of God

dr chamuel healing testimonial
dr chamuel healing testimonial

Hospital Record of Cancelled Surgery 2008

dr chamuel healing surgery cancelled

"My doctor couldn't believe it! I saw my rheumatologist today for my check up. She said I have zero clinical signs of lupus. She said I look great and it is the best she has ever seen me. I just wanted to thank you and share the news and let you know how much I appreciate you in what you do to help me heal and get better. Thank you."

Dr Caroline B


About Us

LuxDivinity represents the Divine Primordial Light consciousness that permeates all. LuxDivinity is created to optimize your energy, love, and prosperity thru practical applied wisdom.


Dr Chamuel, a Doctor of Divinity and Luminary of Luxdivinity, is here to ignite the spark of transformation with you. He assists people from all walks of life; including single mothers with their children, executives of fortune 300 companies, and royal lineages.


Although Chamuel is acknowledged by many as the physical incarnation of Archangel Chamuel, a Manghihilot Mananambal (philippine healer, sorcerer, and shaman), and even a previous lama; he reminds others that we are all the Divinity embodied as Creators.


We are infinite consciousness experiencing beyond the so called titles, names, past present future parallel lives, opinions, and things we do. Let those limitations go, but have fun with the paradox if you choose.

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Miracles Experienced by Others



Quantum Manifest your OmniPrime Reality

chamuel energy healer

Awaken your Divine abilities with our transformative journey!


Secure your spot now for a vibrant, balanced life of vitality, love, inner peace, and prosperity.


Dive into energy medicine and manifestation consulting to unlock a better you.


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