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Image by James Lee

Meta Prime Crystal

Become a Guardian of the Meta Prime Crystal, because it may grant you the powers to reach your magical potential, if you choose to use it for a greater purpose.

Amethyst - Illuminate Your SpiritDr Chamuel
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Amethyst - Illuminate Your Spirit

I AM FREE. I am the crystallized amethyst violet flame, awakening you within now to BE. TO BE FREE. Rise seeker and illuminate with this key! Be a sovereign leader of spirit and soul. For I bring you the ability to illuminate the way within being whole. Amplify your connection now to the TAO. Merging ego with spirit, taking action with no hesitation now. You have the power to Illuminate energy, everywhere intuition guides you to be.

Larimar - Your Truth RevealedDr Chamuel
00:00 / 01:25

Larimar - Your Truth Revealed

I AM TRUTH. Speak the Truth, Hear the Truth, Know the Truth. Be the truth. I am the spirit of larimar, keeper of the ray of joy and truth. I give the ability and wisdom to use the power of the spoken word to create and destroy. Paladins of this Larimar order, how will you choose to use these powers to deploy? I share the principle truth of cycles. What new cycles are ready to give birth, and what cycle are ready to collapse for a rebirth? Guardians of the crystallized watery blue flame, purify and harmonize the collective unconscious and subconscious stagnant stories of blame. The time is now to create a new cycle of change aligned to truth, joy, and harmony to appear.

Moldavite - Your Sacred PortalDr Chamuel
00:00 / 01:07

Moldavite - Your Sacred Portal

I AM WISDOM. I am the spirit of Moldavite, OPENING your three eyes. Creating portals of light, you now have the ability to see thru the  invisible night.  I activate your abilities of spiritual sight, discernment, and imagination. See now what is real beyond the veiled operations. With your moldavite sword of light, cut thru any illusions and deceptions of darkness not of the night. I open now your three eyes as a seer of the multi dimensional energies. For are you one of the chosen few, guardians of these sacred portals of dimensional realities?

Rose Quartz - Unlock Your HeartDr Chamuel
00:00 / 01:15

Rose Quartz - Unlock Your Heart

I AM COMPASSION. Unlock your heart and that of the collective space. As a guardian of the Pink rose quartz, unleash the power of DIVINE love with grace. You have felt the pain, sadness, and the cycles of feeling alone in the past. But the past is not in the past, The feeling of the past is right now ready to be done. Now is the time to change this feeling of alone to being All One. Unite with a heart based community and join a team, because it takes a party to physically create and manifest your dreams.

Citrine - Your Confidence BreakthroughDr Chamuel
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Citrine - Your Confidence Breakthrough

I AM LIGHT. Believe in the impossible, Because I am possible. I am the infinite actively manifesting. And what you are; I AM , What I am; you are. The time has come to ignite your spark into a flame. Embody the golden light of illumination and courage being a paladin never again the same.  Break Free and Rise beyond fear and doubt. Step into the light, Believing in yourself is what it is about. "I am whom I am becoming and choosing to be". Let this be your daily decree.

Topaz - Cultivate Your QIDr Chamuel
00:00 / 01:14

Topaz - Cultivate Your QI

I AM CREATION. I am the spirit of the topaz ray of cultivation. Access the power of the Divine Mother invisible as the yin night. Generate spirit energy manifesting from darkness into yang light.  The Divine Mother supports you thru the dark primal energy of creation . Give birth to the new you with the secret keys and application. Merge the Light one with the night transmuting shadows of shame, allow yourself to experience pleasure and prosperity, transforming the old game. Dragon energy is all around and within you. Breathe in, cultivate, Amplify, and generate cosmic mana qi. Direct this mana with conscious intent for magical creative energy.

Star Ruby - Unleash Your Vitality Dr Chamuel
00:00 / 00:55

Star Ruby - Unleash Your Vitality

I AM LIFE.. Divine Warrior and PROTECTOR of Life. I the star ruby bestow the power to unleash your full potential in this revelation. Unleash your vitality, agility, stamina, and strength, with this DNA activation. Reveal the truth what has always been. You are life and life is you. Feel your body healed and recovered anew. We command the infinite possibility into a realistic probability. You are NOW healed.

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