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Image by Solen Feyissa
meta prime


Welcome to Meta Prime NFTDr Chamuel
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Are you ready for an epic adventure through the multiverse?

Do you love to help people be free from the matrix?

Are you ready to join our party and level up?

You are given the unique opportunity to be a guardian of the Meta Prime Verse. Many are called, but few choose themselves.

This may not be for all of you, but those that are willing to transform your lives for a greater purpose, it is divine synchronicity that you are here. Your intuition has directed you here to sharpen your skills, mindset, and spiritual powers.

You may unlock your potential with the keys of auspicious astro alignments. Perhaps you may train to be a paladin of the Meta Prime Crystals. For a special few, maybe you will be a rare member of the Meta Prime Guardian Council.

​Whichever you decide, quickly make your decision, because the fate of the multiverse is in your hands. What would you like to do next? Join our party now, and lets manifest heaven on earth as a community.

If it is meant to BE, it is up to WE.

meta prime nft star map
Image by Solen Feyissa
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Once upon the multiverse timeless time, The secrets revealed now of the NFT Meta Prime. A Prime Source of truth beyond words, images, and rhymes; activating you through these sacred living art designs.

Imagine your cosmic awakening now even thru the digital; receiving the new magical codex of the Meta Prime Mystical. Allow the Meta Prime Energy from beyond void invisible, Alchemizing a golden consciousness for we, the collective individual.

You are given access to these divine designs from the Meta Prime Verse, To activate your superconscious abilities as you multidimensionally traverse. You are synchronistically here, to be a guardian of these sacred designs dispersed, because you are the ONE that appeared, manifesting heaven on earth immersed.

Do you believe that the stories of Dr Strange are real? Experience the portals of magic for yourself and feel. Dr Chamuel will train a few of you that are ready to unveil, your potential quantum leap revealed.

Awaken your potential now, because this special exclusive deal is limited. You may ask how? Join our community in the meta prime verse unlimited.



Why are we creating Meta Prime NFT?

The answer is simple.

Our purpose is to create harmony, prosperity, and community via education, arts, and spirituality.

For those that are ready, we will train you to unlock your potential and develop your three "i's"; Instinct, Intelligence, and Intuition.

We will use a percentage of the digital assets acquired thru the arts to physically protect and preserve the sacred waters and lands with a regenerative ecosystem, beginning in Mt Shasta.


At this time, large corporations are buying large plots of land, forcing their ideologies, and cult-ure.


We are here to empower people to think and feel for themselves, speak their truth, respect each others perspectives, be care takers of mother earth that nourishes us all, and reawaken to their divinity.


chamuel divine seal

Imagine awakening to your true potential, discovering the secrets of a real life Dr. Strange. Over 30+ years ago, Dr Chamuel was born into a family of mystics and healers from the ancient magical philippine islands. His father was a master of a mystic brotherhood, naming Chamuel after the archangel of active intelligence and divine love. Even before Chamuel was born, the medical doctor asked his mother if she would like to abort him. Chamuel experienced various complications growing up. He even nearly died from a rare disease as an infant in the Los Angeles children hospital, as the doctors rushed to revive him with the alarm of code blue. It appeared as if inter-dimensional forces attempted to take him out at a young age.​

Experiencing near death, Chamuel was able to see the invisible realm. His third eye was wide open, not able to differentiate spirits from the physical. He began training with his father and various monks at a young age to develop his abilities. Although he was able to see orbs of loving light and beings such as Mother Mary, he was traumatized with sleep paralysis, as demons revealed themselves and harassed him nearly every night. As a teenager, Chamuel escaped these experiences by immersing into video games.  In 2006, on his father’s birthday, his father asked him if he was ready to receive the ancient secrets of healing, exorcism, and energy. Chamuel told his father, “teach me tomorrow, I am busy” (playing an online video game).

Tomorrow never came… Announced that night, his father had passed on from the physical realm. This emotional breakdown led to Chamuel’s breakthrough to live a life of purpose. He gave up video games to reignite his abilities. His father revealed to him the insights and secrets from the other side, via dreams or translucently manifesting. He presently learns from master teachers, such as a world renown quantum scientist, Nobel prize nominee, and grand master healer. For the past 16+ years leading to this moment, Dr Chamuel continues to facilitate healings, exorcisms, and transformation for thousands of people. He loves to inspire the next generation of masters, students, and teachers.

Of all the websites you can visit, and places you can be right now, you are here. Can you feel your spirit inspiring you to be here? If you are still presently here, it is because divine synchronicity. Are you ready to experience the magic of being a guardian of the Meta Prime NFT? Are you ready for an exclusive adventure in the magical lands of Mount Shasta with Dr Chamuel?

The wisdom I share with you is; there is no tomorrow, only this moment. From this moment and gift known as the present, what do you love and decide to do next?

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