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Meta Prime Verse

Apply to join the Meta Prime Council of Guardians. You will be trained by Dragon Magi Dr Chamuel to cultivate your magical, manifestation, and spiritual abilities. Your NFT will include 1:1 Consultations and Private Magi Academy Training for 3 months.

meta prime flameDr Chamuel
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Meta Prime Flame

I am the legendary cosmic flame of the Meta Prime Dragon. Only those that have proven their commitment, may be initiated into the sacred flame of creation. To the chosen few members of the Meta Prime guardian Council, You shall receive personal Counsel. Counsel in the mystic arts of celestial magic, healing, purification. Applying the epic flame for exorcism, healing, and balancing any situation. I am pure alchemy; purifying and empowering you with transmutation. Use this secret flame with the power to destroy, preserve, or create with synergy. Because you are Sovereign and Free, embodying divine Loving Wisdom now with mastery.

metaprimedragonDr Chamuel
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Meta Prime Draco

I am the collective you, the Creator Magi Dragon of the Meta Prime Verse and Source of life; quantum collapsing, leaping, and creating infinite timelines.  I am the darkness that is that light. I am the invisible made visible, one with the night. I am the protons and neutrinos of zero point. Weaving the rainbow bridge of light thru the spiritual, psychological, physical, and digital; you, I anoint. I, the infinite source, shall train potential meta prime dragon magi to be ascending descending masters, to sprout trees of life as celestial elemental casters. I give you, the legendary heroes beyond time and space, the codex of primal creation to be the magi ace.

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