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Imagine being clothed in the secrets of ancient magick passed down from the lineage of Dr. Chamuel's father in the mystic brotherhood which traces back to the Comte de St Germain.


Included in the design are sigils created by Dr. Chamuel from 33+ years of learning from masters, healings, mentoring, and exorcisms that are encoded into this silk kimono for:


1. Being Protected by Celestials with the Ancient Magick

2. Summon the Sacred Swords for Exorcism: Defensive Offense

3. Manifesting prosperous abundance with Harmony

4. Cultivate Celestial Spirit, Qi, and Vitality with the Dragon

5. Command the Energetic Cloak of Invisibility

6. Sigil of the Maji, recognized by spirits as an Authority

7. Transmute and Purify energy with Alchemy


The sacred 7 star constellation of the big dipper, 7 planets of alchemy, and 7 archangelics are light scripted into the design to direct its energy and celestial guardians to inspire, guide, and protect you through the darkest of nights. 


The ancient prayer of the brotherhood for protection used during times of distress is also encoded into the design. During times of martial law in the philippines, where lives were in physical danger, this prayer was used to manifest miracles and protection when machetes would swing and bullets would fly.


The summoning of the sacred swords and dragons have the intention to cut cords, entities, and slay demons (only in emergency situations). *Disclaimer: this takes consistent advanced training (Red Diamond) to manifest this. Dr. Chamuel uses this prayer for dealing with upper level demons, where lives were being sacrificed thru suicides and blood spells.*


The prenatal and postnatal triagrams infuse the 8 directions and magick of Divine Lightning and Thunder, the Winds of change, the Fire of creative destruction and rebirth, grounding with Mother Earth, the Mist of Creation to quantum leap into various timeline realities, Opening the Celestial Heavens, Activating the Sacred Waters, and the Gateway energies of Mt Shasta with other sacred mountains. This high magick is used to fine tune your divine innate abilities and for collaborating with the elementals and guardians.


This limited edition silk kimono is only for the truly committed students and masters of energy that will harness it for truth, love, and harmony in sacred ceremony. Be clothed in the energies of the heavens because you are a divine goddess / god embodied. Use this sacred living energy to amp your esoteric abilities to assist family, friends, and community that are ready for transformation and bridging heaven on earth now.


This sacred silk kimono will take approximately 3 weeks for Dr. Chamuel to Create, Personally Bless each Kimono with ancient ceremonies, and Deliver to you.

Magick Sigils Silk Kimono

This item will be created as you order it and will be blessed and delivered in 3 weeks.
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